Meetings in style
Meetings in style

Meetings in a Monumental Country House

The Manor House has 7 period rooms that are used as meeting rooms.

De kamer van Mevrouw en Meneer

41 m2 | 15 square | 20 theater | country house

The kamer van Mevrouw en Meneer is located on the second floor of the mansion. A fine, bright meeting room with bay window and sun shade through authentic awnings.

De Zitkamer

58 m2 | 18 square | 30 theater | manor house

The Zitkamer is located in the middle, on the second floor, of the house. It is a spacious room with plenty of daylight and with direct access to the balcony at the rear of the house. The living room is equipped with a digital LCD screen and can be set up with any desired arrangement.

De gele logeerkamer

58 m2 | 18 square | 30 theater | manor house

The gele logeerkamer, is located on the second floor of the country house and looks out over the extensive park. The high and large windows provide plenty of daylight and the yellow wallpaper makes this room sunny even on rainy days.

De Pianokamer

34 m2 | 13 square | 18 theater | manor house

This room on the second floor in the country house sounds like music to your ears. Imagine yourself in the time of yesteryear with the comfort of today. In this room, creative ideas are guaranteed

De rode logeerkamer

34 m2 | 13 square | 18 theater | manor house

The rode logeerkamer is located on the second floor of the Manor House. The meeting room is equipped with an LCD screen. In addition, the room has French doors and views of the estate.

De Dienstbodekamer

53 m2 | 15 square | 30 theater | manor house

The Dienstbodekamer, is located on the second floor of the Manor House. An intimate space on the former attic floor.

De Spreekkamer

During your meeting, use our coffee corner(s) and enjoy unlimited coffee and tea.

het Koetshuis.jpg

Meetings in the Koetshuis

The Koetshuis was built in 1916 and features a large meeting room, a
subspace containing the coffee and tea facilities and a small consulting room.

De Deel & het Gareel

95 - 155 m2 | 30 square | 90 theater

The Koetszaal can be combined with the Deel and the Gareel to form one large room with a bar, making it very suitable for parties or conferences.

Meetings in the Bloemenbinderij

With the Bloembinderij we offer a pleasant and intimate accommodation, which lends itself perfectly to training and education of groups up to 24 people. The privacy of a group can be fully guaranteed in the Bloembinderij.

Het Koolmeesje

13 m2 | 4 square | the Bloemenbinderij

The Koolmeesje is located in the building the Bloembinderij and a fine small meeting room for up to 4 people. The room has its own coffee and tea facilities.

Book the Koolmeesje in combination with the Garden Room and a meeting package or ask for a quotation.

De Tuinkamer

74 m2 | 17 square | 24 theater | the Bloembinderij

In the Bloembinderij there is a meeting room called the Garden Room and a sub-room called the Great Tit. The meeting room and the sub-room both have their own coffee and tea facilities.

De Pauw

200 m2 | 36 square | 160 theater

De Pauw is the largest room on the estate and a modern and multifunctional accommodation. The adjacent foyer, the Partridge, has its own bar and can be used for reception, lunch and dinner.

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De Boomgaard

There are a total of three meeting rooms in the Orchard. The look is modern with a nod to the history of the place. The orchard used to be the location of the estate's apple orchard.

De Fentener van Vlissingen

70 m2 | 21 square | 35 theater | de Boomgaard

The Fentener van Vlissingen meeting room in the Boomgaard is a fine room with plenty of daylight. In total there are three meeting rooms in the Boomgaard, all connected to the cozy foyer with coffee and tea facilities.

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Break-out rooms

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